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Sacred Skin in Bangkok 101 Magazine

Bangkok 101, the Thai capital’s city magazine features Sacred Skin in its December issue. Writer Tom Vater and photographer Aroon Thaewchatturat spent a year researching the history and practices behind sak yant, Thailand’s centuries old sacred tattoo tradition. The result was Sacred Skin: a 200-page book packed with over 170 colour photos and insightful text. […]

Phnom Penh’s Cultural Revival in Bangkok 101…Again

Seems like British hip hop legend Gobshite aka Grant Mgc Massey, currently based in Phnom Penh, continues to get mileage out of my recent story on the Cambodian capital’s cultural resurgence. The feature, which first appeared in The Guardian in April is now online at Bangkok 101, the Thai capital’s most exciting English language magazine, […]

Phnom Penh’s Cultural Revival in Bangkok 101

My story on Phnom Penh’s cultural revival is published in this month’s edition of Bangkok 101, the Thai capital’s best known English language magazine. The story ran last month in The Guardian. Photographs by Conor Wall.

More good news for Sacred Skin

Sacred Skin – Thailand’s Spirit Tattoos, photographed last week at Suvarnaphumi International Airport in Bangkok, where it is still selling very well, has had another couple of positive mentions in the media. Books about Thailand had this to say: An interesting read is this book about the sak yant, Thailand’s religious tattoo tradition. Besides describing […]

Sacred Skin Is This Month´s Bangkok 101 Cover Story!

Yes, photographer Aroon Thaewchatturat and myself are extremely pleased to have Sacred Skin featured on July´s cover of Bangkok 101, the city´s high profile monthly magazine. The reviews that have been pouring in for our new book have been both numerous and incredibly positive, ranging from TIME Magazine to CNN and we could harldy have […]

Tom Vater interviewed about Sacred Skin in Bangkok 101 Magazine!

Max Crosbie Jones of Bangkok 101 Magazine interviewed me about my new book Sacred Skin for its July edition! And we made the magazine´s front cover this month! Read 1 on 1: Tom Vater on inking his new book, Sacred Skin here! Or take a look at the book´s official website