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The Monsoon Ghost Image reviewed at Col’s Criminal Library

Col’s Criminal Library posted a fantastic review of The Monsoon Ghost Image today. Late to the party as usual with my first taste of Tom Vater’s Detective Maier series in what may prove to be his final outing. Tense, violent, brutal, gripping, stunning and a savage indictment on how America conducts itself overseas in a […]

First Amazon review of The Monsoon Ghost Image

Fellow author Janet Brown has posted a fantastic and very thorough review of The Monsoon Ghost Image on Amazon. E book copies are US$3.99 at the moment. It’s not easy to find a true noir detective in fiction these days, probably because as the German gumshoe Maier decides in The Monsoon Ghost Image, “Why solve […]

(English) Tracking Down Tom Vater

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.

(English) The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu reviewed by Ron McMillan at Amazon

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.

(English) Crime Wave Press – Interview by Paul D. Brazill

(English) Kathmandu, Camino al Infierno – Out Now!!!

(English) Andrew Nette’s Ghost Money in The Chiang Mai City News

(English) Sister Suicide – The 5th Crime Wave Press Title – Out Now!!!

(English) Andrew Nette on the state of crime fiction in Asia and Crime Wave Press

(English) Crime Wave Press publishes Mindfulness and Murder by Nick Wilgus