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The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu reviewed by Ron McMillan at Amazon

Great review of The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu by Ron McMillan at Amazon. “My first experience of Kathmandu dates back to the days when the flawed heroes of The Devil’s Road rolled into town in their beaten up van – and the author has captured the period beautifully. The cheap hostels and lakeside hangouts (in […]

Burmese Light is #1 at Amazon UK!

Burmese Light is #1 at Amazon UK in books about Myanmar this week. We have had magnificent press coverage in The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and on Yahoo News.

Sacred Skin Reviewed by 60 Minutes Producer Danny Keens!!!

Sacred Skin receives a great review from Danny Keens, Producer of 60 Minutes, on Amazon. Wonderful!!! When I stumbled upon this print collaboration between author Tom Vater and photographer Aroon Thaewchatturat I was taken completely by surprised and totally mesmerized. You see, I’m not the sort of person who would have considered a tattoo and […]

Another great amazon review for The Cambodian Book of the Dead

The Cambodian Book of the Dead, published by Crime Wave Press has garnered another great review on amazon by American writer and Asia expert Janet Brown. “Tom Vater clearly knows the country and its history; his descriptions of Cambodia and his careful interweaving of its Pol Pot years bring a dimension to this book that […]

Mee and Ow in The Cambodian Book of the Dead

“Mee and Ow sat in the shade of a mango tree and were doing their make-up. Both of them wore gloves that reached all the way up to their elbows, to keep the tropical sun off their skins. They looked briefly at Maier, with the curiosity usually reserved for a passing dog. It was too […]

The Cambodian Book of the Dead on Noir Nation – Excerpt

My second novel, The Cambodian Book of the Dead, is featured at Noir Nation Magazine with a 1200 word excerpt. Noir Nation called the book Asian Noir, for which I’m grateful. Read the excerpt here. Buy the book at amazon or amazon UK.

All Crime Wave Press Titles now available at amazon and amazon UK/FR/GE/ES/IT

All new (two) titles published so far by Crime Wave Press, my new Hong Kong based fiction imprint are now (finally) available as Kindle eBooks on amazon and amazon UK as well as amazon outlets in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Further titles are in preparation and Crime Wave Press is currently looking for authors. […]

The Cambodian Book of the Dead on the Crime Fiction Lover Blog

My second novel, The Cambodian Book of the Dead, out now with Crime Wave Press and available at amazon, gets a mention this week on the popular Crime Fiction Lover Blog! Buy The Cambodian Book of the Dead on or

The Cambodian Book of the Dead in Top 100 Hardboiled Novels on amazon!

The Cambodian Book of the Dead is in the Top 100 Hardboiled novels on amazon UK! About the book: Cambodia 2001 – a country re-emerges from a half century of war, genocide, famine and cultural collapse. German Detective Maier travels to Phnom Penh, the Asian kingdom’s ramshackle capital to find the heir to a Hamburg […]

The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu goes Kindle on amazon UK

First published in 2006, this new edition of The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu, my first novel, has been called a better backpacker novel than The Beach by The Bangkok Post and is now available as a Kindle ebook on amazon UK, published by Crime Wave Press. What’s inside: In 1976, four friends, Dan, Fred, Tim […]