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Asiaviews republishes Sacred Skin review!

Regional news round-up publication AsiaViews republishes a great review by Ezra Kyrill Erker, of my new book Sacred Skin, which originally ran in the Bangkok Post in July 2011.

Bangkok: After the deluge – in the Daily Telegraph

I have just published a feature on Thailand post floods tourism in the Daily Telegraph. Bangkok: After the deluge, back in the flow is now online. Read the full text here. The image on this page was taken by me during the height of the floods and did not run with this story. I also […]

Thailand goes to the Polls!

Elections in Thailand today! This shot, which ran as a double spread in The Times, is from May 19th 2010, the day the Thai military wiped the floor with Thaksin´s armed thugs and loyal followers, following a two month stand-off in the on-going struggle between the country´s two utterly polarized elites. Since the urban warfare […]

Pussy & The Learjets – A Short Documentary by Gerhard Joren

Swedish photographer Gerhard Joren has produced a short documentary on the birth of Bangkok-based band Pussy & The Learjets. The two and a half minute film documents the Rock’n’Roll band’s live debut at The Overstay on January 15th. The four piece, formed in late 2010, is currently playing dates around Bangkok, Thailand and will record […]