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Dakshin Kali – Bloodbath for a Goddess

Published in Untamed Travel.

3 Responses to “Dakshin Kali – Bloodbath for a Goddess”

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    who the hell told you that lord kaali had to drink blood and sacrifice animals
    .for so many decades we been having so many bloody fools to believe on this kind of sacrifice.such as blood had to be given to god.that is not god that is devil.please do not publish in this blog of lord kaali like to drink blood.this kind of blog is makin mockery for hindu race and what a madness message to the human race
    .if really there is someone who can proof me lord kaali ask blood sacrifice so that she will be pleased, i am willing to give my life.that is not god way that is devils way DEVIL way DEVILS way its EVIL way to ask for sacrificing animals,giving blood,beer .bloody nonesense if a man for example, consume few bottles of beer definately he will get u want a druken god to rule the earth/world or you u like blood drinking god to rule the all indians please know the fact of hindu race and dont make a laughing stok and please stop it.remember each time we sacrifice it only goes to the devils and we are doubling the devils.i know nobody is goin to listen to me.let me be the sombody who said it.thank you……… wake up…………….

  2. 2

    Hi there,
    It seems you are both disagreeing with my story and the traditions described therein. Please note that this story is an account of my visit to the Dakshin Kali temple. The fact is – animals are sacrificed there and local youths also use the location to celebrate and get drunk. The story shows Nepal in transition, it was originally written in 2003, and that transition, with the change from monarchy to republic, continues. Therefore, this article is in no way meant to be disrespectful the Hindu faith.

    It’s easy to shoot the messenger, when you don’t like the message.

  3. 3

    Hinduism in india comes in various shades. Though not everyone knows even a part of that spectrum. In west bangal, kerala and in the hilly ares (near the himalayas), nepal for instance the hinduism which is followed is more of Shiv-Shakti. this is also closely aligned to the ‘left handed’ ways. the rest of india is mosly follows the right handed way, in which shedding blood is evil. they also prefer their gods to be males like Ram, the obedient son, or Krishna. Don’t feel about that comment. an analogy would be if you hold christian in a street and tell him something particular from the old testament.

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