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Monkey Rock World – A Traveler Resource


Had the pleasure to hang out with Italian writer, traveler and former punk rock impresario Marco Ferrarese. Marco, who has lived in Asia for four years and is currently a resident of Penang in Malaysia, runs the website Monkeyrockworld, which focuses on young people’s travel and alternative youth culture in Asia, or as its author says, The Truest Hardcore Opinion on Living and Traveling Asia. So check it out…a lot of it is in English…

Marco is in the process of writing a book about punk rock music in Asia and here’s what he has to say about himself…

I come from Voghera, a small town buried in the southwest part of Lombardia,Northern Italy, that bored the hell out of me with its sleepy life. My band, an abrasive 300mph rock and roll punch in your face, took me all around the so-called “civilized world”: many European and two USA tours (plus other American visits) already brought me to experience situations and emotions that just a few people are able to recall thinking about their past lives. The roaming and touring life has bit so deeply into my own that I decided to leave one more time, jumping on the chance of teaching Italian in China starting in October 2007. After having spent one year overthere, I cruised down to South East Asia, and then to Australia, mostly overland, just taking one flight from Bali to Melbourne.

Hunger for new experiences, a need to discover new, way different realities from the ones I’ve been used to, and a fierce determination to raise my head and keep control of my own life and time are the motivational core of this website. Sharing my vision with who already knows me, trying to reach as far out as possible to those who still are unfamiliar with it.

Having been involved in underground rock music for the past 10 years, played in a band and written for international magazines and fanzines, it’s pretty obvious that Monkeyrockworld speaks about music too: you will find record reviews and some interviews too. Also weird and b-cinema, my other great passion, will be covered.

My idea is also to educate our users to the term “open travel”, which is both unorganized and cheap because travelers are supposed to exchange hospitality and support. I have to thank for the umpteenth time all of the friends who gave me a couch, a floor or a car seat to crash on, making me live all the places I’ve seen with a couple more local eyes to filter and understand the reality of facts with. I’m telling you, you are all welcome to come and visit me wherever I might be at the time you’ll be reading this. Who knows, maybe next week I’ll be sleeping on your brand new couch. Maybe this might be the start of a little thing that, however just a little, will change your lives.

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