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(English) My memo on Vang Pao by Fred Branfman

15 Responses to “(English) My memo on Vang Pao by Fred Branfman”

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    I didn’t finish reading the whole article, I didn’t need to. This is a piece done by someone who heard about what was going on by another person. This writer has no clue on what he is writing about. He should go write a fiction novel.

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    I love a good nonsense comment. If you did not finish reading the piece, I suggest you keep your comments to yourself. Obviously, this is an emotionally charged slice of American history for some and widely different opinions about what happened in Laos and what kind of a man Vang Pao was, persist to this day. The fact is, Fred Branfman was present in Laos throughout much of the war, and uncovered and helped publicize the bombing, reported it to congressional hearings of the Kennedy sub-committee investigating indiscriminate US bombing in Laos. All this has been documented by 100s of people, as has Fred Branfman`s presence in Laos. No point commenting further as your post is devoid of logic and full of spite. My suggestion: Come back with real arguments or go write that fiction novel….

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    Thank you for sharing this piece of information. I have my doubts @ gvp and now there’s evidence to back it up.

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    Sad how people are so cruel! Like some of yahs American people! God is coming and he will give everyone what they deserve!

    Before you judge look in the mirror if u see perfection!

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    The guy who wrote this has no balls! why is he bring this up now after GVP is dead? why not before? is he a puzzy! Coward always hide! like this guy here!

    We can’t believe everything we hear! This is why American is so currupted!

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    I appreciate the work that you have put into this, but isn’t it a little useless now that the man is dead? As a young Hmong woman, I agree that Vang Pao did what he did out of greed for money and for power. But if you had the information, why didn’t you share it sooner? All I know is that even though I don’t support him, America is a better place for the Hmong people than Laos. And for that, I have to thank GVP.

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    to TOM you said “This is an emotionally discharged slice of AMERICAN history” let me quote you said American history this must be the B.S that they teach American students. They don’t know the truth about the Vietnam war let alone a secret war why? because America knew that what they did was wrong and they did not want to admit to their failures so they cover it up and try to forget about the past, well I have something to tell you why don’t they grow some balls and admit to their failures. And you qoute “Fred was present in Laos” wow how impressive you want to know who was in Laos too? my father, uncles, brothers were in the war, all murdered and killed. All the American lives that they saved and yet this is what they get in return? this was NOT our war to start with. American’s pulled us into a war that they knew they could not win and when they pulled back they left so many for dead, so if you and Fred are going to talk about what kind of man GVP is let me talk about what kind of men the Americans are..ruthless cowards. How about this Tom lets put you and your whole family in my shoes, go through the war and have all your people slaughtered then come back and tell me how you feel like? but let me guess no you did not go through the war, you were probably fed with a golden spoon and never had to worry about starving and feeding your siblings. So before you say anything at all lets make sure that you were there to see it happen. Seriously America history and government is so full of B.S.

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    GVP did not do all the things he did for power and money. Some folks simply don’t understand power, war, and ‘hard power’. GVP exercised hard power when necessary to maintain authority. If GVP didn’t, nobody would take him seriously. A General’s job is to win a war – not make everyone happy. With this said, GVP’s only ambition was to bring respect to Hmong people. GVP only wanted to lift his people out from poverty, slavery, and ignorance. GVP’s only lasting hope is that long after he is gone, other people will continue to respect the Hmong. That is the only reason why GVP sacrificed everything, including risking his own life. He has the battle wounds and injuries to prove his love for his people. Nobody takes a bullet because it is “fun”. So, learn the facts about this great man and the legacy he has left behind.

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    Monique (comment January 18th)will likely not ever come back to read this, but ought to know that Fred Branfman was speaking in the same vein about GVP in November 2010, at the First Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions, hosted by the Lao PDR, in Vientiane.

    I was priveleged to meet Fred, and hear the story he told of discovering the secret war. The Lao people are still lving with the memories and unexploded ordnance of that event. Fred is still doing what he can to heal the scar.

    I wonder what Monique has ever done, in outraged response to industrialised murder and genocide – – – –


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    Truth be told, Mr. Branfman is right on many points. It has been said that a General is judged on how good and loyal his men are to him. If you ask many of his Top Colonels who served under him what they think of him, they will tell you he is the lowest form of scum. They will agree with Mr. Branfman. Case in Point, go listen to Colonel Shoua Yang’s youtube videos on how he destroys the myth of VP and tells the truth in terms of what happened to the Hmong after the CIA left Laos. VP did NOT care to bring any Hmong to the USA. He fled and left many to rot in the Thai camps, actually ordering many of them to return to Laos. Now, you might add, who is Colonel Shoua Yang? Well, to say the least, he was VP’s Top Colonel–wearing the iron brass with the balls to back it up. It’s pretty sad when your Top Colonel spills the truth and dirt about you after having been the go-to guy your whole life. Many Hmong, especially the current generation are oblivious to these facts that only Branfman and those who served during that time would know. Current Hmong generations are trained to blindly accept VP as the greatest Hmong leader of their time. Kind of like how the North Koreans are forced to idolize Kim Jong-Il and his heir apparent. Hmong people need to wake the hell up and obey the laws of their country, not VP or his henchmen.

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    Thank you for this article. I always knew there was something else going on and I was one of the few who refused to put GVP on a pedestal. Unfortunately, many of my Hmong peeps are ignorant and refuse to believe that their “great” General is nothing but a lying, thieving scum! They only believe what they hear but refuse to do the research. Even when they research into it, it’s hard for them to believe bc of what they’ve been taught/heard their whole lives!

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    We did what we could to protect our national interest and yours. In doing so it costs more of our boys lives. What a great lesson we’ve learned from this experience. This engagement only resulted in producing more widows and orphans while saving American GI from dying in Laos. 1975, CIA closed the secret war in Laos and left our boys in the front lines, I mean sitting in their fox holes waiting to be slaughtered by communist soldiers. Finally, some surrendered, but most of these men found their way to fight and resit the communist soldiers. The secret war is over but not for the Hmong fighters who still hide in jungle with the last bullets. War is really bad for both sides.VP was always great to the majority of Hmong people as we know that in our hearts.

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    thông cầu cống nghẹt:

    Great post.

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    Funny. No American who actually served with Vang Pao share your same sentiment. In fact, CIA Chief William Colby once called Vang Pao “the greatest hero of the Vietnam War.”

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    But his thousands of victims and those of US slaughter in Indochina in general surely did. Not very funny. You appear to be on the wrong side of history. As was General Vang Pao.

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