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(English) The Most Secret Place on Earth (The CIA Covert War in Laos) at FCCT, Bangkok, November 22nd

7 Responses to “(English) The Most Secret Place on Earth (The CIA Covert War in Laos) at FCCT, Bangkok, November 22nd”

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    Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall:

    I used to work with clients (both ex-military and contract CIAoperatives who served in Laos). They used to get visits every 6 mos threatening them and their families if they ever talked about what they did in Laos. Other than that the US government simply cut the contract agents loose – often after years of patriotic service. This always left a big hole in their resume. Besides which the government never paid into social security for them – or provided them VA benefits. This meant if they came back wounded or with PTSD (often aggravated by the nasty six monthly visits from spooks), they weren’t eligible for social security disability or Medicare. Leaving them no choice but to go on welfare if their condition kept them from working. I write about this in my recent memoir: THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE ( I currently live “in exile” in New Zealand.

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    Do I have to reserve a seat for this event? We are a member of FCCT Club.
    BTW, this film is very interesting.

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    Hi there,
    I don´t think you have to reserve a seat. Just turn up. The first time we showed The Most Secret Place on Earth at the FFC, we had a packed house. This time, we are showing a longer version with lots of additional, unseen archive footage.

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    Robert R Kinnear:

    Hi Tom

    Congratulations on catching the FCCT’s attention. I made a 7000km motorbike ride on a Minsk 125cc from Laos through Vietnam and Cambodia following as much as possible the Ho Chi Minh Trail. During the preparation, mostly using FCCT’s wifi sporadic facility, and while doing the ride then on my return there was remarkably little interest in the event.

    In the FCCT blurb it says Laos ‘one of the most bombed countries’. It is of course as you know well THE most bombed country ever since the history of bombs and probably in any future use of bombs. To distribute their hardware, it took the equivalent of one B52 bomber every 8 minutes continuously for 9 years to drop that tonnage.

    There were more bombs dropped on Laos than the cumulative total of bombs dropped around the world since bombs began being dropped through WWII up to the Vietnam war, or American War as the Vietnamese call it.

    The fact that this took place in neighbouring Laos and is largely overlooked remains a mystery.

    Reader may wish to note that over 3 million Vietnamese died during the American War.

    Sadly I will not be able to attend as I am currently in East Africa, now Zanzibar having just arrived by old Pakistani freighter from Mombasa.

    Please do view my blog,

    I have discovered that perhaps the first ever Cluster Bombs were dropped by the British RAF during the Mau Mau war of circa 1954 on the side of Mount Kenya, where Prince William was romancing his fiancee recently.

    Now that both Kenya and UK have signed the CLuster Munitions Treaty ,the Mau Mau are again on the warpath, not only for defending the land the British were stealing from them but compensation for the continuing devastation the UXOs exert on their daily lives.

    Best wishes

    Robert Kinnear

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    I was at the FCCT on the 22nd and asked what the documentary could do about the displacement of the present resentment among Hmong youths in the US and other places towards the general Laos public, however, being very nervous I forgot to mention my gratitude for the makers of the documentary and how good it was, so, thankyou.

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    Dear All
    My name is Vong, I am the lowland Lao and living in Luang Prabang, I will go to survey to LongCheng tomorrow (13 Feb 2015), I hope long cheng will be nice place for tourist n the next future, longcheng just open to tourist about 6months ago, this trip would take 3days/2Nights, longcheng has didn’t open to the eye since 1975, it’s mean 40years already, but i have been there about 5 years ago.

    Warm regards

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