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Tritha – Trip Hop from India


Floating somewhere between the Hooghly River and Massive Attack, Tritha is a music ensemble from Kolkata.

The band played a couple of shows at The Space in Bangkok last month  and performed an exalted mix of Indian ragas and folk-ways shuffled around sensuously, with a dash of trip hop thrown in.  Shades of Bjork and Air (they cover one of their songs –  the only slump in an otherwise amazing set) meshed exceptionally well with more traditional Indian sounds.

Thritha is all down to the two mesmerizing singers – Tritha Sinha and Ritika Singh – highly accomplished and very feisty performers. A healthy dash of feminism, a loud cry for equality for India’s women and some entertaining reflections on personal freedom in modern India  made for an involving and gently confrontational show. The world clearly needs more Indian woman power!

The much vaunted appearance of Tritha makes me wonder whether the West Bengali capital, after a recent change in local government, is finally on some kind of cultural rebound. Kolkata always had the reputation of producing India’s most intellectually stimulating art – from the poetry of Tagore to its output of intellectual films – in contrast to brash and commercial Mumbai – but the city had lost some of its artistic touch in recent years. Let’s hope Tritha are a sign of renaissance.

Check out this wonderfully surreal video PaGli, the story of a mad woman on the streets of Kolkata.

Also great is this live clip of Kali’s Forest.


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    Cool Tom!

    Nice article, thanks a lot! Are you based in Delhi?

    Cheers, Paul.

  2. 2

    Dear Paul, thanks so much. I am based in Bangkok for much of the year but am frequently in India, though in recent years mostly on the east cost, West Bengal and Orissa.

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