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The Sounds of the Himalayas – online

Austrian artist Willy Wysoudil and Tom Vater met on a roof top in Pokhara, Nepal a decade or so ago. At the time, Tom as recording indigenous music for the British Library and Wysoudil was photographing  and filming tradtional life for his installation art projects back in Austria. Willy and Tom liked each other’s work and decided to release a CD together – The Sounds of the Himalayas.

This CD was released on extraplatte in Austria in 1998 and has long sold out. Now, for the first time since, parts of these rare recordings can be heard on Willy’s website, including some very traditional festival music from Ladakh.

The first track online was recorded at an archery festival in the Nubra Valley. I was asked to compete in the archery competition and failed to hit the target. But I did get these beautiful, otherworldly recordings.

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