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Marc Eberle – Cutting Edge Films on Asia


Check out the new website of German film director Marc Eberle, a long time collaborator who specializes in directing cutting-edge documentaries on Asian subjects.

Marc has covered human trafficking on the Indian subcontinent (Nepal’s Sold Out Daughters, 2001), the world’s greatest gathering of human beings, the Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, India (The Greatest Show on Earth, 2001) and the lives of the magnificent Kalash minority in Pakistan (The Kalash – Daughters of the Hindukush, 2006).

His exceptional feature documentary In Foreign Service (2005), which uncovers the fate of the 35.000 Germans who fought with the French in Vietnam in the 1950s, is a brilliant piece of of secret history. His follow up The Most Secret Place on Earth (2009), an 80 minute cinema feature has been broadcast on countless TV channels around the world and looks at the CIA’s largest campaign to date, the Secret War in Laos in the 1960s. Archive footage, on the ground research, interviews with the main players including former CIA, state department, and Air America staff as well as former Hmong general Vang Pao and professor of history Alfred McCoy.

Check out his online bio here…

Marc Eberle has directed documentaries for ARTE, NDR, WDR, SWR, BR, MDR, ZDF and Discovery Channel in Oman, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. His latest documentary, The Most Secret Place on Earth – The CIA’s Covert War in Laos (NDR/ARTE, WDR, Filmfund Hamburg, Filmfund NRW, MEDIA new Talents, MEDIA, developedin the framework of the Discovery  Masterschool,) opened in German cinemas early 2009 and has been screened at over fifteen international film festivals and was nominated
for the north German Film Award, the History Makers’ Award in New York, the Golden Panda at Sichuan intl. Filmfestival, China, the World Television Award, Banff, Canada.

I am extremely happy to have collaborated with Marc on The Greatest Show on Earth (2001) , Angkor – The Khmer’ Heart of Stone (2002) and The Most Secret Place on Earth (2009), researching locations and protagonists, historical backgrounds, co-writing the screenplays and occasionally acting as production manager.

Marc’s current project is an exciting new feature (judging by the trailers and footage I have seen, it will be a mind blowing look at Asian music culture, Cambodian history and a new exciting world music artist) on The Cambodian Space Project, a  Cambodia based music collective headed by charismatic Khmer chanteuse Srey Thy and Julian Poulson, an Australian musician. A kind of Asian Grateful Dead, the CSP have been touring the world for the past two years, bringing a new interpretation of Cambodia’s 1960s RocknRoll sounds to the world – the band have played shows and festivals in France, the UK, the US, China, HK, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia.

Marc’s website was designed by illustrator Julia Goschke.

2 Responses to “Marc Eberle – Cutting Edge Films on Asia”

  1. 1
    Richard Edson:

    Nice cinamagraphic documentation. Like the shooting sequences,angles and music. Creepy and dark without being schlock. I am a big Lynch and Cronenburg fan.
    I guess everyone suggests projects for you to take on, so I might as well; how about the Michael Rockefeller story,he disappeared in New Guinea in the early 1960’s. Not unlike Jim Thompson story he appears to have been abducted by aliens…otherwise known as headhunters/cannibalism, the ultimate taboo. Or King Leopold, a story which has only recently been told but no film. As a writer and art collector there stories interest me. Great potential and I even know where we can shoot it.
    I have a script on Michale Rockefeller. Might you be interested although I relize you’re kind of dedicated to SE Asia.
    RIchard Edson

  2. 2

    Thanks, Richard. I have passed your mail on to Marc Eberle.

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