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Happy New Year and thanks to all my Readers

Crime Wave Press – Interview by Paul D. Brazill

I’ve been interviewed by British crime writer Paul D. Brazill about the crime fiction imprint I launched with publisher Hans Kemp last year, Crime Wave Press. Crime Wave Press is a Hong Kong based fiction imprint that endeavors to publish the best new crime novels from Asia and about Asia to readers around the globe. […]

Tom Vater’s Thailand guide in Polish! Where are my royalties?

The Polish translation of my bestselling German language Thailand guide (Reise Know How) has been out more than a year now. By all accounts, the book is doing well and the copies I have received look handsome enough, though I am yet to receive any royalties on this title.  Ah, the challenges of being a […]

Tajlandia Handbook published by Bezdroza in Poland

Rainer Krack and Tom Vater’s Thailand Handbook, published by Reise Know How Verlag in Germany and currently in its 14th edition, has been published by Bezdroza in Poland. And I just got a copy. The book looks great, photo reproduction is good, and it´s a 100 pages slimmer than the ever-growing German edition. Tom Vater […]