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My story on the Nepal earthquake for The Daily Telegraph: What does the future hold for tourism?

Holidaymakers in Nepal were helping dig locals out of the rubble in the aftermath of Saturday’s earthquake. Tom Vater assesses the damage to the country’s tourist industry. Read the full story in The Daily Telegraph today.

Kathmandu – A City in Shock in The Nikkei Asian Review

Numerous aftershocks wracked Nepal’s capital Kathmandu and surrounding regions into Monday, after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the region Saturday afternoon, killing more than 3,700 people and injuring at least 6,500. Many more people have been left homeless, while others are camping in the streets for fear that aftershocks could hit their residences…. Read the […]

Trembling Kathmandu – my on the ground view in The Nikkei Aisan Review

My on the ground view of the earthquake in Kathmandu, Nepal in the Nikkei Asian Review.

Happy New Year and thanks to all my Readers

The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu reviewed at The Crime Segments

“There are plenty of unique, crazy and offbeat characters that fill this novel, and the author has a keen eye for detail.  The part of this story that took place in the Blue Parrot is one of my favorites, and is an excellent example of how the author sets a scene that sucks the reader […]

The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu reviewed by Ron McMillan at Amazon

Great review of The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu by Ron McMillan at Amazon. “My first experience of Kathmandu dates back to the days when the flawed heroes of The Devil’s Road rolled into town in their beaten up van – and the author has captured the period beautifully. The cheap hostels and lakeside hangouts (in […]

Beeizebub Travels in a Bedford

A great new review of my first novel The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu, published in The Advisor, a Cambodian weekly! “There is no question as to how Tom Vater came up with the title to his novel The Devil’s Road To Kathmandu: the sheer mix of danger, drugs and salacious exploits transports the reader straight […]

Kathmandu, Camino al Infierno – el T Shirt!!!

Xplora Editorial now offer a great line in T Shirts based on their book titles, including Kathmandu, Camino al Infierno, the Spanish edition of my first novel The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu. Buy your sexy shirts here…. Or even better, get yourself a copy of Kathmandu, Camino al Infierno now!!! And check out the fantastic […]

Kathmandu, Camino al Infierno – New Review!!!

Kathmandu, Camino al Infierno, the Spanish edition of The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu, published back in March by Xplora Editorial is reviewed extensively at Leer y Viajar. The Devil’s Road to Kathmandu is available from Crime Wave Press both as Kindle ebook and paperback.

McEverest or Die! The Madness of Consumerism on the World’s Highest Peak

There have been media reports of a fight between Sherpas and climbers on the slopes of Mount Everest. Not surprised. Rich white men without compassion or mountaineering experience have been throwing dollars at the world’s highest mountain for a couple of decades now and the atmosphere at base camp is one of sloth, luxury and […]