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Happy New Year and thanks to all my Readers

Who owns the 21st Century?

Every day, we appear to be moving a little closer to a state of affairs where governments could become obsolete. Large parts of the world have always been ruled by people who don’t really qualify as governments, but in recent years, perfectly respectable rulers have also shown signs (not for the first time) that they […]

Cairo, Africa´s first city!

This city pulsates. We cruise into town from the airport, Ahmed at the wheel of an old beaten up Peugeot. The traffic is a crazy as anything anywhere, fast, furious and jerky, a sea of cars, old and new, antique and flash, barely functional and elegant, weaving along three aside on a two lane road. […]

Cairo, 6am

A smoker’s lounge at Cairo International turns multi-cultural hang-out as the pale disk of the sun rises above the eternal sands beyond the runways. No matter how I stretch at the bull´s eye windows, I can´t see the pyramids, but  know they´re out there. Young women in mini-skirts and tank-tops on the way home from […]