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The Cause of Progress – Forced Evictions in Cambodia Docu!


The Cause of Progress, a documentary by director Chris Kelly tells the story of the lives of three Cambodians caught up in the country’s chaotic and violent economic progress. The blog follows the films participants and the issues in which they are involved. The blog on the film also discusses crowd funding, a new and much discussed way to seek financing for journalistic work.

Thousands of Cambodians are evicted from their homes every year to make way for development, a euphemism for theft by the state and the private sector, sometimes with the help of the World Bank or Cambodia’s foreign donors.

For more on this subject read the excellent article by Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark, Country for Sale.

And check out my recent review of Joel Brinkley’s Cambodia’s Curse, a recent book on how the international aid community and the Cambodian government are denying Cambodians opportunity, education and the profits from the sale of Cambodian land and resources

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