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The Cambodian Space Project Rocks Australia


The Cambodian Space Project are currently on tour in Australia, before taking the sounds of Khmer rock to the US, China and Europe in the spring.

Listen to a radio show on ABC National Radio Australia featuring a great session and an interview with The Cambodian Space Project.

Singer Srey Thy sings several songs from the band´s huge back catalogue, including a couple of moving folk numbers, so poignant, one can almost hear the hot summer wind blow through the rice paddy. Guitarist Julien Poulson does a great job putting the band´s output into the context of Cambodia and its tragic recent history.

Follow the links and find the session on the program’s second hour. Several old Khmer Rock tunes are played during the first hour of the show.

The Cambodian Space Project are a Cambodian music collective engaged in cultural treasure hunting. Cambodian chanteuse Srey Thy and Australian guitarist Julien Poulson are uncovering rare musical gems from Cambodia’s Golden Age in the 1960s and 1970s.

Following independence from France and preceding the Khmer Rouge genocide, the Khmer capital Phnom Penh was known as The Pearl of Asia and boasted a thriving arts and music scene. Scores of Khmer musicians absorbed rock music from the West and reinterpreted rocknroll in a unique Khmer style.

The Cambodian Space Project are performing many of these old songs with a contemporary sound.


Click here for a recent feature story on the band by John Clewley for the Bangkok Post.

Check here for information on the vinyl CSP single I’m Unsatisfied, released by HK label Metal Postcard.

Click here for the trailer of the forthcoming documentary ROCK CAMBODIA, featuring The Cambodian Space Project.

3 Responses to “The Cambodian Space Project Rocks Australia”

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    I missed cambodian space project last night in mullumbimby, australia. I have searched every web site there is nothing listing any australian performance dates and venues. How do i find out, as I wqant to see them!

  2. 2

    There is a list of dates on my post.
    Also, the Cambodian Space Project has a very active fb page and a page on myspace.
    Good luck.

  3. 3

    this website will deirect you to the upcoming australian events:


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