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Cambodia´s First Seven Inch Single since the 1970s – The Cambodian Space Project Launch Party


There´s lots of great music coming out of Cambodia right now. Check the fantabulous, beautiful and seriously RocknRoll Cambodian Space Project, a retro garage psychedelic music collective from Phnom Penh, headed by singer Srey Thy and guitarist Julian Poulson.

The Cambodian Space Project have just released a single, called I´m Unsatified, the first vinyl to come out of Cambodia since some time in the early 1970s, before the Khmer Rouge took over in 1975 and killed most of the country`s artists.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, plenty of cool sounds came out of Cambodia, where a number of bands was forging a unique sound, playing contemporary RocknRoll supplemented with Khmer lyrics. Here´s a song by Ros Serey Sothea, one of the great singers of the era who recorded hundreds of songs in just a few years and disappeared during the Khmer Rouge revolution.

Many of the songs of these artists and bands have been rediscovered in recent years, were used to good effect in Matt Dillon´s independent movie City of Ghosts and are often covered by Dengue Fever, the US Cambodian retro pop outfit that´s been leading the Cambodia music revival.

I’m Unsatisfied is the first single from The Cambodian Space Project’s forthcoming album Déja Voodoo.

Knyom Mun Sok Jet Te – I’m Unsatisfied – was recorded at Cambodian Living Arts studio and mixed by award winning Australian producer Lindsay Gravina who offered his services after catching a CSP show earlier this year. The superbly packed vinyl pressing is out on  Metal Postcard (Hong Kong) and is distributed through legendary UK label Rough Trade. The debut release comes as a milestone for the CSP – In just under a year, the CSP has performed all sorts of venues across the kingdom – from Elephant’s Birthday parties to schools and orphanages, villages, river boats and clubs, as well as being the first local band to tour abroad to Hong Kong and France.The limited edition gate-fold vinyl comes very attractively packaged and includes a picture disc (yes,  we`d almost forgotten about gorgeous colored seriously heavy vinyl) as well as bonus mp3 downloads. The single also features a Khmer language version of House of the Rising Sun.

It really does look and sound great, a precious artifact, a cool record, a RocknRoll message from the Far East, and a link between past and present.

And should you be in Cambodia, the single will officially be launched at the Chinese House in Phnom Penh on October 23rd!

The launch of “I’m Unsatisfied” at Chinese House starts 7pm sharp. 6-7pm by invitation.
Be early to catch special guests including “Svay Sar” aka White Mango the 71 year old music legend who has been an active part of the Cambodian music scene since the the 1960’s time of Sin Sisamouth.
Founder of Cambodian Living Arts, Arn Chorn Pond may even grace the stage for a rendition of a Sin Sisamouth classic, while, two of the most impressive emerging female artists, Ouch Savy and Srey Sima will join CSP starlette Srey Thy for a special performance of a rare Cambodian Rock song Kraumon Thang Bei – a rare song that featured no less than three iconic Khmer Divas  – Ros Sereysothea, Pan Ron and Ho Meas.

Read more on the Cambodian Space Project MySpace page.


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