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Mondulkiri – The Cambodian Space Project


And here´s another new song from the busy Cambodian Space Project who are currently warming up for their first Australian tour with a string of dates around Cambodia.

Mondulkiri is a musical departure from earlier CSP material, more dancy, more laid back, more chilled out, some would say more contemporary.

The beautifully shot video (possibly filmed on a Phnom Penh rooftop) has dispensed with the band altogether and focuses on the remarkable Srey Thy, the CSP´s vocalist.

Let it roll.

cambodia-space-vynil cam-space-project-2 cam-space-project

Check here for information on the new vinyl CSP single I’m Unsatisfied.

Click here for the trailer of the forthcoming documentary ROCK CAMBODIA, featuring the Cambodian Space Project.

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